Math Homework Helper

Make a history of the problems you solve or graph

During the usage of the app, you get to solve a lot of problems, which you can individually save them as favorites, and then you can view them later, in the favorites page.

Edit, solve, graph directly from the history

When you go to the favorite page ( which is located in the left navigation drawer ), you can see all the problems which you have selected as “favorite” before. When you swipe to the left in one of the problems shown in the favorite page, three options are displayed there.

The Edit button, takes you to the main page, of the app, with the problem written there, and there you can edit, and change the problem however you want.
The Solve button, solves the problem, like when you write it on the home page of the application. Then of course you can click the “Show Steps” button, and see the steps needed for solving this problem.
The Graph button, takes you to the Graph page, where you can see the graph of the problem.

Share solutions and graphs with your friends or save them

When you have a problem, you can either solve the problem (and view the steps necessary for that problem), or view the graph of that problem. In both places you can use the share option (which is located on the “more” button – the three points), and you can share the Graph or the Solving Steps, with whomever you want. You choose the sharing method, depending on the apps you use on your phone. You can email it, share it with different social media, or send it with any other application.

Besides the sharing method, you have the “Save” option, in both of the cases, in Graph and in Show Steps page, and you can save the Graph or the Steps as a picture, and do with that picture, whatever you can do with other pictures, i.e. viewing, editing, sharing, etc.