Math Problem Generator

It offers easy, intermediate and advanced difficulty levels

If you have learned a particular kind of problems, let’s say for example “limits”, then you want to challenge yourself with some problems. You go to the Problem Generator, select the “limit” expression and the difficulty which you want to try, and then see the problem that is shown there, and try to solve it. You can click “next” if the problem is familiar to you, or click the “solve” button to see the Solving Process of that problem.

Problem generator helps you practice math

If you are a parent or a teacher, and you want to try your child (student), you can go the Problem Generator, and select the topic and the difficulty, and then give that problem to your child (student). Then you can click “solve” and you can see if your child (student) has solved the problem the right way.

Add a problem to favorites to use it later

Let’s say that you just want to try the application, but you don’t know what kind of problem you should write here. You can check the problem generator. There you can choose the subject from which you want to generate a problem, and the difficulty of the problem. After choosing the subject and difficulty you just click generate.

Solve or graph directly from the generator

When you click generate, you have three options there. By clicking the next button, the generator, generates another problem, from that subject, and difficulty. When you have found an interesting problem, you can click the solve button, which solves that particular problem, or you can click the “graph” button which plots the graph of that particular problem, (if the problem has a graph).

Test yourself before exams

When you have learned for a particular exam, you want to test yourself in that particular kind of problem. You go the problem generator and select the subject, and then the difficulty, and click “Generate”. You can solve that problem and then view the solution in the app, or change the problem to another one.